Using resources and recycling

Due to a lack of natural resources the world pursues a more considerate approach: to waste as little as possible and to recycle as much as possible. The recyclability of steel represents a natural benefit however to become number one in this area it is necessary to overcome certain trade and technical challenges.
We focus on understanding the whole material and product life cycle. Steel is the most recyclable material in the world – surpassing aluminium, paper, glass and plastic altogether. It is due to the fact that steel can be recycled for ever without losing any of its quality. Thanks to that it plays a significant role in circular economy.

Environmental waste management

Thanks to its 100% recyclability steel has a fundamental advantage. However, our company invests a great deal into development of leading knowledge and skills for using and recycling of by-products generated during steel production.


We recycle and reuse a wide range of by-products and waste. Some of the waste is certified as products and is used primarily in construction industry.

  • Blast furnace slag from pig iron is used for production of artificial aggregate and granulate.
  • Steel slag is used in groundwork
  • Lining and refractory material , which we recycle from about 10% and reuse in steel asset repairs, the rest is used in construction industry.