Team of talented scientists and technicians for the future

There are currently not enough young people interested in technical studies to replace current employees who will eventually retire. That is why we cooperate closely with regional schools at all levels to present steelmaking to their students as a prospective major. We aim to help preparing future experts by supporting them as early as we can.

Cooperation with schools

As far as education is concerned we aim to make technical, scientific and environmental education at all levels of schools more attractive.

Although technical professions offer great prospects to young people they are often considered to be of secondary importance. We believe it is necessary to change the perspective of elementary school pupils on the benefits of technical education and support the development of technical thinking in children from an early age.

Therefore we prepare annual Open Days to show them that they don’t have to be afraid of technical studies.

We contribute to middle schools on projects which help students gain practical and manual skills. We provide students with free internships as well as practical apprenticeship training, allowing apprentices to get practical skills under the supervision of experts throughout the school year.

We have cooperated for years with Ostrava Technical University on science and research and development. We focus on environmental projects, the development of new technologies and product quality improvement. Every year we award ten top students and select the best thesis. We also support the biggest job fair in the region. which is held at Ostrava Technical University.

Tours for elementary and middle school pupils

We organize tours for pupils and students. During Open Days pupils can see our operations, listen to a presentation on our production, protection of the environment, health and safety and get a chance to put their knowledge to the test. For students we use educational movies on steelmaking, technical lectures on environmental initiatives as well as practical illustrations .

We are a partner of Dolní oblast Vítkovic

We have installed a permanent exhibit at DOV dedicated to steel production. „Steel – Fabric of Life“ shows visitors the production process in a simple yet engaging way.

The exhibit shows the steelmaking process step by step from the transformation of pig iron into steel, continuous casting, slitting, rolling and pressing up to the final product, symbolized in a small spoon. In the practical part of the exhibit visitors can produce their own spoon, which acts as a handy souvenir.

At the exhibit’s first anniversary it started to show a new animated movie about steel, which shows why it is an essential part of the world around us.

We also prepare for schools a sample lesson on iron and steel making with active features in order to motivate young people to study technical majors.