Steel production is energy intensive process and it is connected with CO2 emissions.

We reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions everywhere where it is possible. We use our know-how, experience, skills and long term traditions in energy management process. All kinds of energy which come into the steel production process, that is electricity, natural gas, steam, compressed air, blast air and water make up 7% out of the total costs of final products. Energy efficiency improvement cuts these costs and it also leads to CO2 emission decrease.

Energy savings

The efforts to continuously lower energy consumption is a solid part of our policy. In practise these principles are manifested by replacing obsolete assets by modern ones featuring lower energy intensity and maximum energy use.
We want to decrease energy consumption and CO2 that is why we focus on pursuing projects that will improve our sustainability and will lead to savings. We need people who try to look for ways how to make energy management processes more efficient and of higher quality. As part of our energy savings we focused primarily on energy footprint decrease.

Energy management certificate

Since 2016 when the external audit was conducted by TÜV Nord Czech, we have been certified according to ČSN EN ISO 5001:2011. ISO 5001 standard represents a new worldwide standard in energy management, energy policy implementation and energy efficiency improvement. We perceive this as a recognition of our care about natural resources and an effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally friendly heat from the mill

The proximity to the Ostrava’s mill pays off to Vratimov’s residents. Thanks to our company 500 households with more than seven thousand residents have environmentally friendly heat.

The most significant advantage is that all local solid fuel boiler houses are intended for apartment heating. The annual heat supply to Vratimov amounts to about 35, 000 GJ. It is waste heat which is the most environmental source because 80% of this heat is generated from exhaust-heat boiler at medium section mill. The remaining 20% come from TAMEH Czech. The idea to use waste heat produced at waste heat boilers originated back in 1994.

Improvement ideas

Every employee of the mill can come up with an improvement idea. The suggestions improve safety, decrease the environmental footprint, reduce production costs, make production more efficient or save energies.

Our employees submitted a total of 285 improvement suggestions in 2016, out of which 239 were accepted for implementation and 84 were successfully put in practise. The implemented improvements have brought us a total saving at the value of 66 million CZK. A total of 1.2 million CZK has been divided among the innovators for their ideas concerning cost cutting or safety increase. Smaller improvements are popular in our company the main purpose of which is to cut administrative burden, speed up the approval process and to motivate employees to improvement.