Our employees are the most important part of the company and their health and safety has a significant impact on operation of the company. The health and safety and employee relations are key for achieving sustainable development. We build our success on employee engagement, talents which we want to develop further and provide them with a successful career.


Employee health and safety is always our top priority. Working in a steel mill is very demanding of focus – whether in production halls or when navigating the steelworks complex, which is interwoven with two hundred kilometers of railway tracks and fifty kilometers of roads. For this reason, we conduct a variety of activities during the year that work to increase preventive awareness of potential threats and helps protect employees against a routine attitude toward work and safety. After all, we all want to make it home safe and healthy.


Good health has a decisive impact on quality of life. Healthy lifestyle, whether involving eating habits, physical fitness, or quitting smoking, can prevent a number of illnesses. While we work to create a safe work environment for our employees, we also support their health and comfort. The following targeted rehabilitation programs are organized to improve employee health: individual rehabilitation for employees performing high risk work, reconditioning/rehabilitation trips; passes for sports, wellness, and other activities.

Employee Development

Our employees are priority to us for this reason we take care of them and develop their skills in many ways.
Employees choose from a wide range of training programmes. Besides professional courses they can take e-learning language courses, PC, leadership or health and safety programs etc.

Union relations

We maintain long term high quality and fair relationship with employees and union organizations which represent them.

Gender diversity

We also support higher engagement of women in technical education and the interest of female graduates to find a job in their specialization within our company. Though the steel industry is not perceived as a sector in which many women would find a job our company tries to demonstrate that it does not have to be so.
The automation of operations and a whole range of positions which do not require hard labour opens possibilities to women to pursue their career even in a typically men dominated sector.