Our employees are the most important part of the company and their health and safety has a significant impact on operation of the company. The health and safety and employee relations are key for achieving sustainable development. We build our success on employee engagement, talents which we want to develop further and provide them with a successful career.


Our aim is to eliminate the number of serious and fatal work injuries and reduce their frequency to the minimum.
We meet these goals thanks to the projects like The Journey to zero and Shared vigilance. We continue to implement corporate safety standards especially in work in heights, lock-outs and health and safety management improvement in subcontractors. In discussions with employees on health and safety we make use of implemented tools like minutes for safety, safety audits and the Golden safety rules. The regular safety training of all employees is also part of the prevention.


The health of our employees is one of the most important values which needs to be taken care of in the long term. That is also why the employee care is high on the list in our programme. Physicians make regular controls at our workplaces and the contracted rescue service is available 24/7 all year round.
Besides all kinds of educational activities leading to elimination of injuries we contribute to the best health of our employees as possible. We pay special attention to occupational diseases, microclimate conditions or chemical disposal and continuously improve hygienic conditions on the workshops.

Employee Development

Our employees are priority to us for this reason we take care of them and develop their skills in many ways.
Employees choose from a wide range of training programmes. Besides professional courses they can take e-learning language courses, PC, leadership or health and safety programs etc.

Union relations

We maintain long term high quality and fair relationship with employees and union organizations which represent them.

Gender diversity

We also support higher engagement of women in technical education and the interest of female graduates to find a job in their specialization within our company. Though the steel industry is not perceived as a sector in which many women would find a job our company tries to demonstrate that it does not have to be so.
The automation of operations and a whole range of positions which do not require hard labour opens possibilities to women to pursue their career even in a typically men dominated sector.