We continue on our way which contributes to our city and region development. We are an inseparable part of the community, we affect the environment and that´s why we make every effort so that the region is doing well and people live a good life. We will continue to provide a targeted, high quality and continuous support in social, cultural, educational and healthcare area.

Corporate responsibility

Besides an important financial help we provide the non-gain organizations with a volunteering help as well.
Employees can spend one working day a year at an NGO and help either those they cooperate with in their free time or selected organizations on the Volunteering Day. Employees help with gardening, minor repairs, clean-up, wood chopping, window cleaning, repainting rooms or by keeping company to senior citizens and the handicapped.

Employee grants

Since 2010 we have been awarding employee grants by which we support necessary activities of NGOs in the Moravian-Silesian region.
The individual projects within employee grants supported free time activities focused on all round children and youth development, equipment for children clubs, kindergartens and schools, voluntary firefighters, children summer camps or tools for senior citizens and the handicapped. Employees who help in their free time in the NGOs submit the projects themselves.

Sheltered workshop’s Christmas markets

Liberty Ostrava’s Sheltered Workshop Christmas markets have become a tradition and we could not imagine a pre-holiday season without them. The sheltered workshops buy from the proceeds the things they need for production or development of their activities.

Projects with neighbouring communities and boroughs

We hold round table meetings with mayors to inform each other about new initiatives and plan other common projects which help improve lives. As part of this cooperation we were actively involved in community development projects which increase sustainability in our region.