Actual rules and regulations referring to entry and stay of people and entry of vehicles into the premises of the company

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Actual rules and regulations referring to entry and stay of people and entry of vehicles into the premises of the company

Rules for Safety and Healthy Return Home
For the sake of your personal safety, we hereby draw your attention to the fact that the Premises of company /further referred to only as Premises/ rank – from the viewpoint of safety and health protection – among particularly hazardous Premises. Each and every person entering the Premises is responsible for observing the safety regulations concerning entering/driving-in and persons´ movement on the Premises.

Basic Duties of entering/driving-in person
to check data correctness in entry/driving-in permit prior to entering/driving-in to the Premises. Changes, loss, finding and theft must be announced to the Office of granting entry permits without delay
to enter the Premises with identity card
to enter/drive-in the Premises and to leave them through watch-houses only
during each passing/driving through to prove the person’s entry/driving-in permit to a gatekeeper
creedless; and by request, to submit this permit to gate-keepers in any place on the Premises
during entering/driving-in to the Premises, to list the assets that shall be carried away/taken away and to have such list confirmed by a gate-keeper. To allow gate-keepers to check luggage, vehicle and the loads.
by request of gate-keepers, each person shall be subject to test for drugs and alcohol
to listen to and to respect instructions and decisions made by gate-keepers and to fairly conduct oneself in face of them
to duly observe provisions of the Act No. 361/2000 Coll., the Road Operation Act, on the Premises (particularly speed, parking, railway crossings)
each road accident on the Premises shall be reported to Company Dispatching
without undue delay, nevertheless, prior to leaving the Premises, to report damaged assets on the Premises and/or own damaged assets to a gate-keeper
short-term entry/driving-in permit shall be verified and confirmed by the visited person
entry/driving-in permit shall be returned after its validity expiration or if the reason of its issue ceases to exist

It is forbidden
to additionally write in or to change data in the already issued entry/driving-in permit
to enter/drive-in into the Premises intoxicated/impaired and/or to eat/drink alcohol or drugs in any place on the Premises
to enter/drive-in into the Premises with animals, guns, alcohol or drugs
to take pictures or to film on the Premises without special authorization/permit
to take away/transfer any assets from the Premises without relevant authorizing documents
to enter/drive-in into the production shops and bays without consent given by an authorized person of this area or without relevant PPE specified for a given workplace
to carry out activities in the Premises, which are not directly linked to the fulfillment of work tasks, to stay in the Premises longer than necessary or to stay in such places, which are not designed for fulfillment of work tasks

Driver’s Duties during loading / unloading
to respect and to adhere to the instructions given by person being liable for loading /unloading
not to drive-in to the production shops and bays without consent given by person being liable for loading
during loading not to stay at vehicle’s loading area below suspended load
to use own step ladder or any other suitable facility when climbing up to the loading area of the transport vehicle or when getting down from such area and during the vehicle’s canvassing
prior to reverse driving commencement, to use horn and during reverse driving, warning turnsignal lights have to be switched ON
in production shops and bays, engine must be switched OFF except for necessary driving-in and driving-out
from loading area and from canvas, not to remove residual material, snow, trash etc. anywhere on the Premises
on the weighing bridges to respect priority of weighing of the technological vehicles marked by Liberty logo
after termination of the loading / unloading process to secure (close) device used for clamping and protection of the load (e.g. canvases, doors, ropes, lanyards and others)
within 15 minutes after driving-in to the Premises, vehicle must be weighted for the first time (tarring)
the loaded car must be weighted within 2 hours since the issue of the latest loading bill
after the last weighing of the loaded vehicle such vehicle must leave the Premises within 15 minutes.

Control of the above-given Basic Rules is carried out on the Premises. Violation of these Rules can result in imposing fine, and/or prohibition of subsequent entry/driving-in into the Premises.

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